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The term ‘printing’ may be explained as the procedure of creating lettering and pictures, usually using ink and paper via a printing press. The science of printing has really advanced and progressed over the years. Screen-printing, in all of its various forms, is a popular technique.

Screen-printing, also referred to as silk screening, is a method that is best for surfaces that are comparatively flat. In this process, fine mesh or a screen is tightly stretched over a rigid frame, with the screen masking areas which will not be printed. In order to make a print, the screen is placed atop the item that is to be printed; then a blob of thick ink is applied. Next the ink is pressed through the screen with the assistance of a squeegee. The ink adheres to the unmasked area, thereby creating the print, and the masked area is screened from ink penetration. After this, the printed item goes through a heated tunnel that dries the ink so that items can be stacked or put into packages.

When more than one color is involved, the process is repeated, utilizing different screens. So, four screens would be necessary for a four-color print; they can be placed on a rotary press or done by hand, allowing each color to print in its proper place.

There are diverse methods of masking a screen. The easiest thing to do is to apply masking fluid right onto the screen. This process works very well for two-color graphics, while a photosensitive emulsion procedure is utilized for jobs involving multiple colors.

If you are unsure what to request when ordering, remember that a screen printer’s t-shirt printed with ink with plastics will be hot and tacky afterwards. It might be wise to request water-based inks if you prefer a softer, vintage-look screen printed shirt. But if you are wanting a heavily laid print, you should request ink containing plastics to be applied with a hot press.

Inks containing plastics are used by many screen printers because sometimes they last longer, are brighter, heavier and more easily seen, not to mention being easier on the screen printing equipment. Within a short time frame, plastic inks can begin to crack up, though. Natural inks last longer and they look best too.

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Don awesome whale
screen tshirt
Image by TopatoCo
When you’re wearing dinosaur comics shirts things just HAPPEN.

The 4-4 Screen Press can realize four precise colors in four stations after installation and debugging. In other words, it can be applied into multi-color printing by multiple persons simultaneously. It’s unrealizable for the other screen presses with the same prices.

It can be applied to costume, woven fabric, metal, paper, copybook, plastic, wood, glass, ceramic, leather and other products which need flat printing. They are especially suitable for small enterprise and individual use.
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How To Use Tshirts As A Perfect Corporate Gift

Printing is a process of creating images and text, usually utilizing ink, paper and a printing press. Over time, printing technology has improved significantly. Various techniques are available, but screen-printing is used most of the time.

Screen-printing, or silk-screening, is a process ideally used on fairly flat surfaces. In this procedure, a fine mesh screen is secured snugly across a sturdy frame, with the screen masking the region which remains unprinted. To make the print, the screen is positioned atop the material along with a swath of dense ink. Using a squeegee tool, the ink is pushed through the screen part. The ink soaks into the region that is not masked, forming the print, while the masking keeps any ink from making contact, resulting in distinguished areas. Next the printed material goes through a hot passageway until the ink dries and it is ready to be packed up.

For more than one color, this procedure is repeated with additional screens. For example, a print of four colors will be created with four different screens; this is either done on a rotary press or by hand to ensure that the screens are aligned correctly on the image.

There are many different methods for masking a screen. For simple projects, a masking fluid may be applied directly on the screen. Two-color graphics work best with this method; more complex multi-colored jobs will look better with a photosensitive emulsion process.

Screen-printed T-shirts using plastic inks are often stiflingly hot if you aren’t sure of what you’re getting as you order. For more subdued and vintage-looking screen-printed apparel, inks with a water base might be preferable. For a bold and heavy printing, application of plastic-based inks using heat might be a wise choice.

Inks containing plastics are used by many screen printers because often they last longer, are richer, heavier and more easily seen, not to mention being easier on the screen printing equipment. Within a short time frame, plastic inks can begin to crack up, though. Natural inks last longer and they look better too.

Find out more about how t-shirt printing is done and how your business can use t-shirts as corporate gifts.

screen tshirt
Image by TopatoCo
All in a Busy Day.

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Custom T Shirts Sydney

Fashion changes with time and therefore everybody keeps reshuffling their wardrobes to be in fashion and vogue. To create a style quotient of its own, one can get their garments customized with desired prints, graphics and logos. Custom T shirts Sydney is famous for garment printing, they specialize in customization of your garment. They use good quality garments and uses modern techniques for printing. Get your t shirts made your way and in your style and you will surely grab eyeballs.

How to customize your own t shirt

Get your own t shirt printed and customized for any occasion be it birthday party, vacation, sports event or corporate event. Pick your favorite brand and get your photo printed, logos, graphics or you can also choose from the company’s collection of art. Select the type of printing and choose your favorite color to get yourself a unique outfit. One can add personalized text not only on t shirts but also on caps, hoods, jumpers and all types of garments.

Techniques Used

All types of methods and techniques are used for customization like digital printing, embroidery and screen printing. Create your own fashion by choosing the type of printing you want on your t shirt.

Digital Printing is done directly to the garment where exactly the same image is printed on the garment digitally with colorful and vibrant results. This process is quick and fast and most suitable for budgeted small orders. Digital printing can be done on light as well as dark shades and last long on the t shirt. The print does not get peeled or cracked and is easily stretchable. Full color printing is done on all kinds of shades.

Embroidery is also done for customization of your t shirt, you can just select the design and the skilled and experienced digitizers will bring out the design beautifully with vibrant and vivid color quality. The type of thread used is of supreme quality to avoid color bleeding.

Screen Printing of t shirts is done through a screen which is tightly framed and positioned over the unmasked part of the item to be printed and later pressed hard to get printed on the unmasked part only. It is then sent to the heat tunnel through conveyor belt for quick drying.


Custom t shirt Sydney is famous for its professionalism and years of experience. These companies not only provide customization of garment but also do professional printing on mugs, cups, make logos, caps, shirts and many more. There are no set up fees for your art work. They do not restrict on minimum orders and uses high quality material and garment for fine printing which lasts longer. Wide variety of tested brands are available with these stores, you can choose your own favorite brand and get your own design on your t shirt. The user friendly staff provides good option to suit your needs and budget. They are one of the leading companies in the printing industry and guarantees customer satisfaction.

The writer is an expert in the field of Latest T Shirts Design products with focus on Tshirt Designs and T Shirt Printing Melbourne .

Silk Screen Porch Chair 7-29-09 2
screen tshirt
Image by stevendepolo
My roommate Cherry is silk screening t-shirts in the basement for a family reunion. She is covering very horizontal surface inside and outside the house with her paraphernalia.



3 Kinds of T-Shirt Printing

You will find three varieties of tshirt printing that’s commonly used today, namely: screen printing, direct to garment printing, along with the heat transfer printing. These are just probably the most commonly utilised printing kinds amongst other printing techniques. Screen printing is performed chiefly by means of a screen which sifts out the ink into the parts that are intended to be imprinted. Impermeable textile is utilized to design a template which is the negative of the projected illustration.

Following that, the ink oozes only into the parts without the porous textile – as a result making a restricted item. Screen printing is the most widespread amongst printing kinds and is definitely the preference should you intend on printing mass production t shirts or printed shirts, for instance.

This is for the reason that the templates can be utilized numerous times and which makes it much more excellent for recurring productions.

The next common printing kind of tshirt is direct to garment printing. This is basically performed like how regular ink jet printing is completed. Just like the way paper gets imprinted on by a regular printer, the tshirt as well is printed on directly by a particular printer to develop the intended image.

The benefit of this printing type is that it has many variant colors as compared with screen printing and it has a more rapid turnaround time.

The last but not the least of type of tshirt printing that’s commonly employed is the heat transfer printing style.

This is actually carried out by means of heat to transmit an image from carrier piece onto the textile of a tshirt. Heat pressure is becoming put onto the carrier piece to transmit the ink from the paper’s surface to the tshirt’s surface. One of the most typical strategy to do this is by means of ironing out a carrier piece for a certain time until the ink gets transmitted to the t-shirt.

Picking out the most proper type of tshirt printing depends on the variety of items that you would like to be produced and the quantity of shirts that you would like to produce. Each printing style of tshirt can address a certain want.

If you desire to perform a mass production tshirt printing, then heat printing or screen printing is most likely the most beneficial strategy for you given that it doesn’t particularly price to a great extent. You are able to check on-line resources for the most effective t shirt printing services that may fit your wants.

Ilu & Jos
screen tshirt
Image by Eboni Khan


Pellegrino Printers Order Guidelines


Screen printing – Our minimum for screen printing is 100 pieces. If you do not meet the minimum, please see our Direct to Garment services.

DTG (direct to garment) – We do not have any minimums for DTG.


50% Down – We require all orders to be paid 50% down. If payment is not made, the order will not be processed. We accept checks, Visa, MC, and Amex. We also accept PayPal. If you wish to pay with a credit card, you can download our credit card authorization form from our website.

Work order form

All orders must be signed off via email or signature on work order form. We will not process orders until we have on file.


Screen Print Artwork – All artwork must be submitted in an illustrator (.ai) or Photoshop (.psd) format at least 300 dpi. If done in .ai, make sure text is converted to outlines. If a psd file, please send artwork will layers. If artwork is in poor quality, we cannot process order. Please make sure to note your desired measurements and placement for artwork on garment. If you need artwork modified, the charge is $ 35 an hour.

DTG (direct to garment) – Artwork must be at least 300 dpi. Transparent backgrounds are preferred for most prints. We except these file type’s .ai, .psd, .eps, .jpeg, .png, and .tiff. Any and all artwork modifications will be charged at $ 35 an hour.

Artwork size & placement

You must specify the desired print size measurements and placement of your desired design(s).

Artwork approvals

Art approvals will be sent via e-mail within a reasonable time after order has been placed. A link will be sent to your e-mail with the digital mock-up. The digital mock-up must be approved by typing your name on the designated area within 24 hours, or comment with any changes. If you do not approve the mock up within 24 hours, your order may be delayed. After digital mock-up is approved, there will be no changes. Pellegrino Printers is not responsible for hindrance on production due to delayed approval of the digital mock- up. Please be sure to check your mock-up for artwork accuracy such as: color, placement, spelling and product information.

DTG pretreating

There is an added charge for dark and black garments. Please also be aware, that the solution might leave a mark on garment, but will go away after first wash. We also advise to wash in cold water with the garment inside out.

Pellegrino Printers offers much more than your traditional print house, Start a tshirt line los angeles & Screen printing glendale.

Napoleon Photo Booth
screen tshirt
Image by TopatoCo
Havin’ fun, Napoleon Style.

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Buy Online Custom T-Shirt Printing

Custom t-shirt printing is available on the Internet for companies interested in promotional items offering screen printing and embroidery. Some companies offer high density, glitter and gel, and customized features that make tshirt screen printing attractive. Additional items can be purchased as well, including jackets, caps, bags, and polo shirts.

Design ideas are available to give a company unique products for fundraising efforts, giveaways, and awards. Awareness and branding offer a unique way to advertise a company or a cause, especially when it is offered to prospects through a gift that can be worn or used over and over. Heavyweight cotton t-shirts, in short or long sleeves, in up to 50 different colors, are available on the Internet, when looking for t-shirt printing. Some retailers advertise no setup or screen charge fees with rush shipping when needed. The capability of designing custom t-shirts through a web browser is possible through some sites.

Look at pictures of various kinds of apparel and choose type, color, and other details and then choose the quantity. It is possible to upload a design or graphic to be included on an order and sites offer ways to add notes or additional customizable options. Many Christian organizations use apparel items in a fundraising effort and include their organization name along with a Bible scripture. “If ye love me, keep my commandments” (John 14:15). Don’t underestimate the power of one scripture especially when reaching out to those in need.

Embroidery services are available through tshirt screen printing companies online. Embroidered garments are very attractive and a company logo can be converted onto any type of apparel, caps, jackets, and promotional items. It is possible to have brochures, newsletters, and even a magazine published through the same companies that offer t-shirt printing. Many publishing companies online offer offset printing solutions and have a variety of styles, fonts, and colors transferable on heavy card stock, poster paper, or regular copy paper.

Solutions include many different types of services including signs, banners, and outdoor advertising as well as web design services and direct mail marketing options. Uniforms are used by many companies to portray a professional image and brand recognition. Custom t-shirt printing can provide a business with an inexpensive way to furnish uniforms to their employees. Consider putting a logo, along with company name and maybe a short slogan that describes something unique about the company, and even consider putting some contact information, such as a phone number or web address. Many companies online offer discounts for bulk orders on custom printed shirts. Consider sizes and colors when ordering, as well as the type of font, color, and style of letters and numbers. Get some advice from businesses that offer this service and look for samples or pictures located on their site.

Visit www.wholesalescreenprinting.com for buying custom printed t shirts and custom t shirts.

screen tshirt
Image by Sumlin
2-colour design (black and white) for Cambridge band The Tupolev Ghost:


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Screen Printing And Custom Printed T-Shirts

Custom t-shirt printing is one of the best industries in the fashion world. The demand for custom t-shirt printin is broad since it incorporates industries that rely heavily on the custom tshirt printing services.One major issue that the companies try to solve is uniqueness, this has led to the use of the internet to try and encourage people to try and come up with designs that they would like produced for them.

One of the best customers of the custom t-shirt service is the sports industry.The services are demanded by all the participants in the field. Football being the most watched game in the world is a major shareholder when it comes to t-shirt,football teams jerseys are printed by the custom screen printing industry.We all know how popular football is these days, so it makes sense that the football industry one of largest economic pillars in custom t-shirt printing.

Another way that has made custom printing a common phenomenon is their use in message expressions.Custom t-shirts are used to portray messages to other members of the society. The t-shirts need to be customized and printed to the desire of the client. In this field the client might be an individual or a collective group.Some of the fields that have used the custom t-shirt service are the political arena, manufacturing and brand companies, social clubs, schools, businesses and many others.These custom t-shirts might have a marketing message, a political motivated message or an identification message. The message printed on the t-shirts will depend on the objective of the client.

The only difference between this and the other method is that one is aimed at personal intentions while the other is aimed at financial gains.Custom printing has created trends that are quite stylish and have attracted lots of designs.It’s always been more fashionable to wear a custom t-shirt with some decoration rather than one that is plain. In this industry, custom t-shirt printing is recognized for coming up with outstanding decorations that make a statement in the industry.

The other sector that the custom printing services are used is in the fashion industry. Though custom screen printing is related to personal preference, the truth is that when a designer provides a t-shirt to a screen printer to produce a number of copies, the process is still custom printing.The only difference between this and the other method is that one is aimed at personal intentions while the other is aimed at financial gains.Custom printing has created trends that are quite stylish and have attracted lots of designs.It’s always been more fashionable to wear a custom t-shirt with some decoration rather than one that is plain. In this industry,custom t-shirt printing is recognized for coming up with outstanding decorations that make a statement in the industry.

Visit www.wholesalescreenprinting.com for buying custom t-shirts and custom printed t-shirts.

Screen Printed Tee
screen tshirt
Image by English Girl at Home
Find out more on my blog: www.englishgirlathome.com

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