Mix With The Jungles Of Borneo – Take Advantage Of Hollywood Green Screen

Movie producing, editing as well as technical help do not figure anyplace in my dictionary. I am absolutely ignorant about how videos are made and the way in which they ultimately reach the screen where I watch them. To get a much better knowledge of the craft and science of film making, I decided to pay a visit to one of my buddies, who’s constantly hectic shooting at some studio or the other. I would certainly continually contemplate precisely what he meant when he stated that he applied a Hollywood green screen. I kept pondering to myself that he can’t be as good as they at all times claimed. Actually, I pondered whether all the shots that he had showed off, were his own or not! Certainly not wanting to hold on any much more for insight into this, I made the decision that I would check out the studio where he worked.

When I stepped inside the studio, I was first stunned to see a model positioned ahead of a huge green screen. So this was the Hollywood green screen which he kept talking about, I thought. I was correct; it was indeed the backdrop that he used. The actress obviously was dressed up for the part. The lady was dressed in khaki pants and a thin white tshirt which left extremely little to your imagination. Her curved contours did absolutely nothing to help the cameraman to concentrate on his lighting arrangements.

Since I was there to find out how the Hollywood green screen truly was employed, I attempted my best to steer clear of any sight of the model; this was for fear that I might find myself asking her out. I do have to confess that the woman was a lot more fascinating to look at than this plain green screen which hadn’t one single flaw or blemish.

Also, in addition, I had forgotten to explain to you that I had this other pal which had accompanied me to view the shoot. His eyes had a faraway glance. Just when I believed that he was heading to create solid competition for me (in getting close to the model), I notice that he was scouting beyond her. His points of interest were set on the backdrop and he was striving to determine what stuff the green screen was made of.

Finally, the shot was completed, with the model in a position that implied that she was wandering meticulously. Her facial expressions seemed to get featured by the Hollywood green screen which was in the background. I now started to ponder exactly how and when they were planning to film the Borneo jungle. This was then that my cameraman buddy got us to the editing and compositing area. Here, I got to know some home truths about photography. There were quite a few pictures of the jungle. The best amongst the lot was picked out and the exact same was superimposed on the photos with the model, in such a manner that it looked like she was strolling through some thick and scary landscaping.

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