Design A T-shirt With Attitude

T-shirts have redefined the world of casual dressing and have become a way of expressing one’s personality. A favourite garment amongst all age groups, T-shirts never fail to make a statement of sorts. The modern day technological advances encourage all to air their creative streaks and design their own cool t-shirts. Various methods of t-shirt printing like airbrush embroidery, embossing, screen printing, heat and dye sublimation transfer method, laser printing etc can be used out of which some can be used directly on the garment.

The Printing Guide

T-shirts have experienced a huge transformation from yesteryears. With the ever changing times and trends, a number of innovative experiments in designing t-shirts has opened a world of opportunity for people to create their own personal t-shirts.

Methods like Screen printing can be applied manually to create any kind of print that you like. In this method, the design is broken into its different colors and then printed on the fabric through layering. A great method to print multi-coloured design, this can also give good special effects with glitter and gloss and textures.The technique requires a screen made of a woven material or mesh stretched over a wooden or aluminium frame. Each color has its own screen with the design image of that color. This method is economical and durable, however a little knowledge and practice can go a long way in producing rewarding results.

Direct-to-garment printing technique is an easy to set up and quick way to have your own custom t-shirts. It is an effective way to have t-shirts for a school group, charity drive and such-like activities when you need to spread a message or simply wish to show bonding. The working is quite similar to the regular desktop-ink-jet-printer. Here, special textile ink is used to directly transfer the design on the t-shirt. Their is a huge scope of experimenting with designs and patterns as the images are vivid and even elaborate detailing in designs is an easy target to accomplish. This method is versatile and can be used to print on any kind of fabric. What’s more, it is economical with a fast turn-around time and the presentation of the t-shirt is of a superior quality. The print gives a soft, flexible feel and wearing the t-shirt is no less than a sleek fashion statement!

Direct printing on the t-shirt can also be done by hand, using the stunning range of fabric paints available in the markets. Using any reference design of your choice, have fun painting your t-shirt just the way you would like it to be.

Another method to directly imprint your t-shirt is the heat transfer process which is actually very simple. Many malls offer pick-your-design t-shirts. All you need to do is choose your design and apply it to the t-shirt fabric with a heat-press machine. Such designs, however, are not long-lasting and can diminish after a few washes.

Exploring the different methods of direct-to-garment kind of printing is an experience in itself. Time to wear your attitude with your own designer t-shirt is here and now!

Zeljko Sakic is based in Australia and the owner of Teewiz, the leaders in Tshirt printing . He thoroughly recommends you to go ahead and try our unique online tshirt design tool at http://www.teewiz.com.au to create your very own masterpiece.

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