T-shirt Printing Methods

Looking to get a T-shirt printed? The first step is to get in touch with a graphic designer to turn your concept into digital design ready for the printing process.

Once you have your digital design you are ready to get in touch with a garment printer. Some garment printers have in house design teams so you may be able to get in touch with them directly regarding design.

How do you get my design from the cpmuter onto a garment?

There are a number of options to transfer your design on to a Tshirt or garment.

For low run designs with high numbers of colours, such as photographs a common method used is transfer paper.

What is a transfer print? A transfer print is a special type of paper than can have any image printed on to it and then heat applied to a tshirt using a heat press.

For low run simple designs such as text vinyl printing is a popular choice.

What is vinyl printing? Vinyl printing utilises CAD cut vinyl. Your design is created on the computer and then cut out from vinyl using a cad cutter. The design is then applied to your tshirt using a heat press. Vinyl is very durable and is a great option for more basic designs.

For high run projects that have single or multiple colour screen printing is the most popuplar method.

What is screen printing? Screen printing uses a mesh woven screen to transfer your design on to a tshirt. Ink is passed through the screen and then on to the shirt. The more colours that are in a design the more screens are required. Screen printing is a fantastic option for high run tshirt printing and is widely used for commercial tshirt production creating long lasting great looking T-shirts.


Embroidery is a fantastic method to get your logo on to clothing. Its ideal for small logos and is popular with commercial clients as it provides one of the most durable methods of branding clothing for businesses.

How does embroidery work? Designs first need to be stitch counted to work out the embroidery costs. A template of the design is then created for the embroidery machine to follow. There is an initial setup cost for these works to be done but this cost will not be incurred again on any future orders. Logos are usually embroidered to the left hand chest of garments but can also be embroidered in other positions.

Do I need to supply clothing?

No most garment printers use large clothing distributors offering wide ranges of Jjckets, shirts, ties, jumpers, hoodies, trousers, aprons, coats, fleeces and much more!

The best thing to do is get in touch with your local garment printer and tell them what you would like printed and on what type of garment.

Be clear about how many garments you want to get printed as this will help your garment printer to chooses the most suitable and cost effective method to transfer your design to your clothing.

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