Content Marketing Planning

Content Marketing is a strategy that seeks to inform, entertain and instigate the curiosity of a possible consumer. Maybe do a good Content Marketing Planning will probably have very satisfactory results.

Companies – even small enterprises – that do not invest in advertising strategies and prospecting customers are far behind in the market, even if they offer something with good cost x benefit.

Considering an extremely fierce market, not investing in what can leverage your sales is the same thing as going against success, isn’t it?

So if you want to improve the image of your business in the market, see how to make a Content Marketing Planning.

What is Content Marketing Planning

Before talking more about the Content Marketing Planning itself, one must understand what it is that Content Marketing (Portuguese term).

You are “bombarded” with this strategy all the time! Everything you read or see in order to inform you about something (with that touch of persuasion) is content marketing.

That is, the name itself says what this strategy is about. The goal is to develop and promote content to attract the attention of the target audience. This generates greater lead traffic and, consequently, greater chances of sales.

Although the concept is very simple, it is not easy to apply this technique in a way that users are really interested, create a relationship with your products and then acquire them.

The Content Marketing Planning is a linear form where the intimacy with the user is being created for, so you propose to him to purchase your products / services.

How to Content Marketing Planning

The Content Marketing Planning is not easy and there are several details, however, then there are some steps for you to have a direction regarding:

  • Know your target audience

Before opening a business, you need to know your target audience deeply. He who will consume what you are producing and it is him that you must please!

  • To attract

The first step is to attract users to your business. There is a technique called Inbound Marketing, which is precisely aimed at arousing interest. In fact, it is a tool directly linked to content marketing.

It is necessary to instigate and arouse the curiosity of your customers through good content.

  • To convert

It is necessary to create a relationship with your lead so that he continues to consume your content, increasingly in a more targeted way.

Use social media and other channels to maintain that contact – which must be more and more intimate.

  • Sell

Once the user is familiar with your product and already feeling the need to consume it, it is time to move on to content more geared to the action of the sale.

  • After sales

You are wrong who think that the Content Marketing Planning just on sale. We must continue working his client so that he vol t and consume.

Always track your results

One of the planning steps that makes all the difference is to follow the results. It is necessary to evaluate how the public is acting on your campaigns so that it is possible to improve communication.

In addition, trends change – as well as the way your audience does – and by studying the results it is possible to follow this change so that marketing strategies also change.

This is a small Content Marketing Planning, but as I said, there is much more involved in all this! Be sure to invest in efficient campaigns, as your target audience needs to be conquered to consume.

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