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The strategy Content Social Media Marketing is practically required to the case of enterprises that want to stand out in the market, after all, the vast majority of niches d and target audience uses social networks.

If you do not know what content marketing is, or “content marketing” in Portuguese, it is nothing more than campaigns to spread information about certain products or services.

In fact, the aim is to disseminate in an informative and persuasive way what you have to offer, so that a simple user becomes a lead and, later, a loyal consumer.

The name is already somewhat explanatory, since the way to attract the attention of this audience is through the production of content (such as articles on blogs, email marketing, social networks and other communication channels).

Content Marketing Social Media : Facebook x Instagram x Tik Tok

When we talk about Content Marketing Social Media we are referring to the content exposed on social networks. There are several possibilities, it is not very difficult to think about the big dominators of the market.

Facebook is a more traditional network, where you meet most people (especially the public that is older, in addition to all young people, of course).

However, the network has become a little obsolete for the youngest, as this group prefers Instagram. The photo app came later and is seen as something more modern (hardly anyone between 16 and 28 years old doesn’t have a profile).

Now, the novelty of Content Marketing Social Media is the network that had a boom during the pandemic: Tik Tok . This platform is more focused on young people and the famous tiktokers have millions of followers.

In the case of Facebook and d Instagram, content marketing campaigns can be linked and developed into sets. Now, Tik Tok is a competing application, so the campaigns are triggered only by him.

But, anyway, what does all this mean? That you can find almost any target audience on social media. In addition, the algorithms enable the development of highly intelligent campaigns.

Therefore, it is possible to reach only those users who can really develop an interest in what you have to offer.

What devices can you use in Content Marketing Social Media

There are several ways to use social networks and the best way to use these tools depends on your target audience. You need to evaluate what types of content they absorb the most.

But in general, you can promote the Content Marketing Social Media strategy through:

  • Publications – are the most conventional. In Instaram they need to be linked with a photo (which can be the purpose of explanation or just illustrative, with the content in the caption )
  • Stories – can be used with animations, links and even promoted by someone (responsible for marketing or digital influencers )
  • Live – the interaction is in real time and it is very cool to instigate public participation
  • Public reaction – is a Facebook trick, where you can chat with users through reactions

Keep up to date on social networks

There are many ways to relate to the target audience through social networks, it is essential to segment the type of content according to the level of knowledge of the lead.

Anyway, social networks and their audience are very changeable and trends are updated all the time.

To come up with a good Content Marketing Social Media it is necessary to be attentive to the movements so that it is possible to adjust your campaigns with the new expectations. And all of this must be done by monitoring the results as well.

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