Inbound And Content Marketing

Anyone starting out in marketing probably still has some doubts about Inbound and Content Marketing. This is very common, as the terms are always related and some judge them as synonyms.

When we are talking about marketing strategies – mainly on digital platforms – we must keep in mind that there are many tools that can be used and each one has its own purpose.

The more you know them, the more subsidies you will have to develop an efficient action plan to win over your customers. The Inbound and Content Marketing are two BASIC concepts, crucial to understand them better.

The market is increasingly competitive and to neglect these opportunities is to distance yourself from success. Understand at a glance what these tools are all about.

Inbound and Content Marketing: are they synonymous?

First, it is worth mentioning that Inbound and Content Marketing are not synonymous, but it is also not possible to say that they are totally different terms. In fact, they complement each other.

The reality is that there is no Inbound without Content Marketing! Through the definitions you will understand a little more easily:

Content Marketing

Also known as Content Marketing, this concept can be defined as strategies to develop content for your customers, leads, visitors, in short, any user who can develop interest in your product.

The goal is to inform, entertain, arouse curiosity and then get the person to perform the action you want. This content can be featured in articles, videos, explanatory graphics and more.

The material is produced in a structured way, with segmentation between each user according to the intimacy he has as his product / service. But how so?

You see, content for someone who is about to acquire what you have to offer will differ from that targeted for those who still understand what it is about.


The literal translation of ” indbound ” is “attraction”. Here, the marketing will be worked on so that the user goes after his information through search engines or social networks.

These are strategies for that audience that is still looking for information about the product. And how will it be done? How will it be possible to attract and keep leads ‘ attention ? Through the relationship of Inbound and Content Marketing.

There is no way for a user to stay interested if there is no good content marketing strategy behind it. Do you understand why they complement each other?!

How Inbound and Content Marketing works

Now that you know the relationship between Inbound and Content Marketing, see what are the main steps of this marketing strategy:

  • Attract – it is usually a search on Google or Social Networks.
  • Conversion – users are transformed into leads (people with potential to buy)
  • Relate – start a relationship with the lead through informative and similar content
  • Sell ​​- after a well-established relationship, it is possible to start acting more directly to close sales
  • Analyze results – ALWAYS evaluate the results so you can know what is working and what is not

Keep your strategies up to date with your target audience

Knowing how Inbound and Content Marketing works is essential, but there is one thing you should learn about Marketing and Sales: always think about your target audience.

Informing, entertaining, attracting and convincing your audience is the only way to convert marketing into sales. So, study and (and keep up to date) about your potential customers.

From there, develop marketing strategies and all the others. Digital Marketing is extremely effective and generates incredible returns, but it is necessary to know how to use the available tools.

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