Online Content Marketing

The Online Content Marketing is one of the ways to attract potential consumers for them to perform the action you want (make a purchase, filling out forms and other activities).

Whoever is in charge of the disclosure or advertising sector of a company knows what the power of marketing is, being aware that sales and demand for products / services end up having very low performance.

Digital Marketing, in general, is taking the position of main communication channel, leaving TV, radio and newspaper with a more specific audience.

Anyway, what is being meant is that those who do not invest in this sector will fall behind the competition. The content marketing is one of the pillars and thats about it you will learn a little bit in this article.

What is Online Content Marketing

Content marketing ” means “Content Marketing” in Portuguese and the definition “online” of the term Online Content Marketing is because there are several ways to reproduce this strategy without being on digital platforms.

Explaining from the beginning: Content Marketing is the production of (obviously) content to inform, entertain, arouse consumer interest and needs in a particular product or service.

So, when you are walking through your social networks and are faced with a super informative post , with product details, experiences and more, this is a form of content marketing .

Nowadays we are in the digital age, so the main communication channels for market purposes are social networks, websites, blogs, e-mails and the like.

But what would Content Marketing be like without the cyber world? Through TV, radio, newspaper, informative pamphlets, among other possibilities. Today, however, it makes a lot more sense to talk about Online Content Marketing.

The internet ended up being adhered to by people in a very integral way, where even children and the elderly can already solve their doubts or make purchases by cell phone / computer.

How to Strategize for Online Content Marketing

Now that you understand the reasoning of Online Content Marketing, here are some steps to give you an idea of ​​how to implement this strategy in your company:

  1. Segment your content

Content Marketing aims to bring information in a persuasive way to attract the user’s attention. However, the content needs to be differentiated according to the potential customer’s level of intimacy with you.

As well? You see, a person who is now getting to know your product cannot receive the same campaigns from those who are already engaged in purchases.

These are different stages of the sales funnel and you need to consider this point as well.

  1. Invest in different channels

Even if your audience is more focused on a particular network, do not develop exclusive campaigns for that channel. Be more comprehensive and seek to prospect more and more customers.

Email marketing, for example, is a great channel today (of course, when done properly).

  1. Maintain relationships

The Online Content Marketing also has to do with customer loyalty. Always maintain the relationship with the leads and make the bonds stronger and stronger.

  1. Monitor results

Results monitoring should be done to monitor how people are reacting to your strategy.

What is Inboud ? Is it the same as content marketing?

When we are talking about Online Content Marketing it is very common to hear about the term “ inbound ”.

Many even think they are synonymous. However, Inbound is an attraction strategy, that is, to attract customers (in fact, this is super related to content marketing).

It is not possible to use the inbound technique without Online Content Marketing, for example. This is because the ways to persuade and attract users are through the content itself.

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