What is Content Marketing

Have you heard of the term Content Marketing? If you have your own business and are looking to promote it, you may have come across these words.

In fact, anyone who wants to succeed in the market and stay ahead of their competitors should bet (almost obligatorily) on marketing. The digital segment today is the main way to do this, as it has a higher cost x benefit.

The radio and the newspaper are effective for more restricted target audiences, while TV is still efficient, but it has a very high cost. So, betting on digital marketing is a great option, as it is more accessible and brings great results.

Who today doesn’t access the internet or doesn’t have an account on social networks? Hardly anyone is totally alienated from the digital world. And what does it mean? That reaches a large part of people.

What is Content Marketing in practice?

But, let’s get to the facts, what is Content Marketing about ? The name itself in Portuguese is already very suggestive, as they are strategies that seek to prospect customers through content.

That is, you will develop something (it can be an informative text, a video, publication, among other forms) that will bring content not only with pertinent information, but also that will convince those who are reading something.

When it comes to increasing sales, for example, campaigns should attract the attention of leads so that they stop a little of what they are doing to “listen to you”.

Your content must be well written, thought-provoking, interesting and in the right language to reach your target audience. It should influence the lead to do what you want (do a purchase, for example).

But this is not as simple as it sounds, because within the Content marketing is a series of concepts that must be applied so that this strategy really give right and promote results.

That is why, in fact, many companies end up leaving marketing activities in the hands of digital solution agencies. There is a study of the market, the enterprise and the public to start developing the content.

What is Content Marketing Strategies

For you to understand a little more about what Content Marketing is and how it can bring results, see the fundamental steps for success:

  • Think about your target audience

EVERYTHING revolves around your target audience, so all strategies must be designed according to the reaction of potential consumers.

  • Make quality material

The content itself must be of quality. It should not be hyped or full of false information, for example. It must be well written, with fluid communication and compatible with your audience.

  • Study the possibilities very well

As already mentioned, it has n concepts. If you want to work with him you need to go deeper into the subject.

SEO techniques, for example, seek optimization in search engines and are essential for your content to be among the first in search.

Content Marketing Channels

There are several communication channels that you can promote, such as:

  • Blogs
  • Social networks
  • E-mail marketing
  • videos
  • Podcasts

The choice depends on your target audience, it is important to bet on those that your possible consumer most often uses.

In short, that is a way to create content to instruct, promote curiosity and awaken your lead’s need. All strategies are not done at random, requiring a lot of knowledge on the subject.

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